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Member XXL

The carefully developed formula of Member XXL makes this proven preparation for penis enlargement based on only natural ingredients. Thanks to this, it is a safe and effective dietary supplement for every man who wants to enlarge his penis.

The selection of appropriate ingredients in combination with the optimal dose of all the compounds used makes Member XXL a product with a comprehensive set of active substances necessary to achieve the effect of a significantly enlarged penis. The composition of the preparation includes, among others ginseng root extract, Chinese schisandra extract, saffron, black pepper and many other valuable ingredients.

As a result of the research carried out to check the effectiveness of Member XXL, its remarkable effect was confirmed. A group of men aged around 22-50 years were assigned to take Member XXL or a placebo daily for a 12-week treatment period. After this time, it was possible to prove that each of the men taking Member XXL increased the size of his birth by an average of 5 centimeters. The majority of recipients of the preparation rated it very highly.


Xtra Size

XtraSize is an excellent preparation, the composition of which is based on substances of completely natural origin. Thanks to this, its use is completely safe and does not cause any side effects.

The high-quality XtraSize composition is evidenced by the very careful selection of the highest-quality ingredients. All substances are obtained from natural extracts and do not have any admixtures, so their operation is not disturbed. Thanks to their remarkable properties supporting the regeneration of the body and the level of its immunity, these ingredients are able to provide a man with valuable minerals necessary in metabolic changes leading to an increase in the penis.

The XtraSize preparation contains, among others saw palmetto, ginseng, terrestrial mace, velvety grain, maca, epimedium, smooth licorice or quinoa. XtraSize also contains L-arginine. This valuable amino acid contributes to the production of nitric oxide, which is the main factor in vasodilation.


Natural XL

Natural XL is a carefully prepared, modern formula that allows you to enlarge the penis and improve the sexual potential of a man.

The Natural XL preparation contains only carefully selected organic ingredients that are not processed or mixed in any way with substances of synthetic origin. The production of the supplement takes place under strict laboratory supervision. The use of Natural XL allows you to get the first results almost overnight. Regular and systematic use of the formula increases both the thickness and length of the penis.

The action of the Natural XL dietary supplement is based primarily on the changes that occur in the penis during erection. The ingredients in the formulation that maximize performance facilitate the release of nitric oxide and improve blood circulation. Thanks to this, it is also possible to obtain exceptionally strong erections and general enhancement of sexual potency.


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The extremely wide range of products means that with the appropriate ranking, penis enlargement is carried out in a more conscious and safe way. It is worth getting to know the best preparations for penis enlargement and use the articles prepared by reputable manufacturers.

Penis size is a topic that arouses great interest among men, sexologists and other scientists. Unsatisfactory penis size is a problem that often occurs in many men. However, there are ways to permanently lengthen the penis and increase its volume. Methods known for penis enlargement include: the use of various preparations and devices, as well as exercises and surgical interventions. They make “dick enlargement” as possible.

Penis enlargement pills

According to statistical data, the average length of the penis at rest is approx. 7-10 centimeters, while during erection it reaches approx. 12-17 centimeters. The vast majority of the male population is within these limits. A clearly small penis can be considered when it is not erected longer than approx. 7 centimeters. Therefore, before deciding to enlarge a member, it is worth first of all to measure it correctly. This should be done when fully erect, without taking into account the individual shape of the penis. It is best to place the ruler directly over your penis near your abdomen, but without applying any pressure. The measurement from this point is taken all the way to the very top of the glans. It is worth bearing in mind that the measurements of the penis at rest can give very different results. This is due to many different factors, including physical and mental comfort, current temperature or stress level in a man. The measurement of the penis circumference should be carried out in the place where the penis goes inside, i.e. at the base. The standard circumference of an erect penis is about 12 centimeters.

Penis growth pills

In an area such as penis enlargement surgery, opinions are divided as a large proportion of men are dissatisfied with the surgical results. In addition, penis enlargement in this way can cause many postoperative complications, such as impotence, infections or excessive phallus mobility during intercourse. It is worth bearing in mind that completely healthy men are exposed to this type of side effects. Therefore, performing typical plastic enlargement surgeries is not currently recommended by doctors. Instead, the so-called penis lengthening procedure which involves the use of a large part of the organ inside the body. For this purpose, the suspension ligament is released and separated from the pubic bone, thereby cutting the fixing ligament. Thanks to this, you can get a penis growth of about 2-3 centimeters of additional penis length. After performing this type of surgery, it is necessary to prevent re-shortening, which could be caused by tissue swelling. For this purpose, prophylactic penis stretching is performed. Postoperative erectile dysfunction may be a serious complication associated with it.

Best penis enlargement pills

The safe and relatively popular surgical methods include treatments that contribute to the visual enlargement of the penis. They mainly consist in sucking off the fat and collecting the skin mass from the male’s body, and then transplanting the fat into the penis. Penis lengthening is very often carried out in men suffering from erectile dysfunction and suffering from traumatic or congenital damage to the penis. There are also other effective methods of penis enlargement in the form of treatments. They consist, for example, in placing special implants within the cavernous bodies, which are then inflated. In the past, they were used in patients with severe erectile dysfunction. In this way, however, it is not possible to achieve a spectacular enlargement effect, because the implants cannot be larger than the cavernous bodies of the penis. The available surgical methods also include the removal of excess fat, skin and hair from the genital area. This allows for a noticeable, visual improvement in penis size. Currently, scientists are also working on a method that will be based on implanting fat directly into the corpora cavernosa. Operating methods are not effective and are always associated with high risk. Penis enlargement pills are the best alternative for them.

Best supplements for penile growth

The most commonly used magnifying devices are vacuum devices. They are used to treat erectile dysfunction. Devices of this type are highly effective in getting an erection, which has been proven by various studies. The vacuum apparatus is made of a transparent, closed cylinder on one side, into which a member is inserted. Due to the creation of a vacuum and the application of an elastic ring to the penis, a large amount of blood is retained in the penis. It is possible to get a very strong erection in this way, but the clamping ring should be removed after thirty minutes at the latest. Its maintenance for a longer period could lead to many severe and undesirable effects. The use of a vacuum apparatus allows for quite limited effects, which additionally have a relatively negative psychological effect on a man. Penis enlargement contributes to the illusion of which the effects are not long-lasting. In addition, frequent use of the appliance can significantly weaken the most flexible elements that build the penis, and thus contribute to permanent erectile dysfunction. The use of this type of device is not recommended for men who suffer from penile curvature, blood clotting disorders or priapism, i.e. painful and long-lasting stiffening of the penis. The vacuum method can cause pain when vacuuming up, block ejaculation, and lead to bruising, numbness and damage to the skin of the penis. Even if in most cases these symptoms are not severe and may constitute a temporary problem, the use of the device should be performed under medical supervision.

Penus enlargement pills

Methods known for penis enlargement also include stretching the penis with the use of specialized weights. This method involves attaching a weight to the flaccid penis, which is to be lengthened by the force of gravity. Instead of a sinker, you can also use other items of appropriate weight. However, it was not possible to prove the effectiveness of this method, but it is associated with the occurrence of many side effects. The most common are skin irritations and damage to the penis structure. In extreme cases, this type of stretching can even lead to impotence. This happened to many men from African tribes who used similar methods. The fashion of pressing and moving the penis is a bit safer. During incomplete erection, you should press the penis and move blood from the base towards the top. This method is also associated with numerous complications, such as infections, abrasions or bleeding from the urethra. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this method has not been proven either.

Top penis enlargement pills

In the case of a process such as penis enlargement, tablets are very effective and quite popular. They allow the penis to be enlarged with the use of completely natural methods. Dietary supplements of this type are based on carefully composed ingredients, usually compounds and extracts of plant origin. They have a beneficial effect on the structure of the penis tissues, as well as improve blood circulation, which allows for a noticeable and satisfactory penile growth. Penis enlargement pills have a positive effect on maintaining an erection and increase libido, because they are extremely rich in effective active substances. Thanks to natural ingredients, these types of preparations contribute to the improvement of the synthesis of nitric oxide in the area of ​​the corpus cavernosum, improve the blood supply to the penis and are responsible for regulating the hormonal balance in the male body. Effective penis enlargement with tablets works comprehensively, because the properties of individual ingredients work in a multidirectional way. The thickness and length of the penis cavernous bodies to a large extent depends on the blood supply and the level of testosterone and other male sex hormones. The active substances contained in the tablets provide adequate stimulation, which allows the proper functioning of the penis and has a significant impact on its dimensions.

Male penis enlargement pills

The versatile effect and comprehensive action of the combined ingredients of tablets make this type of supplements very beneficial to the functioning of the entire male organism. This makes them very effective and relatively inexpensive. For this reason, they are the most often and most often chosen products for penis enlargement, contributing to the improvement of its thickness and length. This type of treatment also gives a full guarantee of safety, which results directly from the rich content of active substances with a certain effect and completely natural origin. Carefully selected ingredients improve the physiological processes taking place in the male body, and at the same time are extremely easily digestible and do not generate any complications or undesirable side effects. Therapy lasting only a few months can bring excellent results and contribute to a noticeable extension of the penis. A satisfactory result can significantly increase the self-esteem of every man and increase his self-confidence. It is also able to guarantee an unforgettable and intense sexual experience, also for a partner.